Company Profile

Tick Tawk is a Global Financial Markets Platform providing real-time data, quotes, financial and technical tools, breaking news and analysis across all major exchanges around the globe.

Traders are being provided with 20-30 trade suggestions on a daily basis, along with a detailed technical analysis and an overview on the markets each day to help and assist traders to manage risks and maximize profits.

In addition to the global Stock Markets, Tick Tawk also covers Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, World Indices, World Currencies, Commodities, Bonds, ETF’s Futures under a single place.

With over 5000 financial instruments covered, Tick Tawk offers unlimited access to pioneering financial market tools such as real-time quotes & alerts, calendars, calculators, quick technical analysis, and financial insights, completely free of charge.

Tick Tawk, a part of Capital Street Fx; having a community of more than 30,000 active traders, have been offering unconventional trading bonus offers, Trading guidance, technical and financial understanding of International markets.

Capital Street Group was founded in 2008, when a motivated team of founders established the first member company with one aim in mind – to grow into a household name for the provision of online trading services.

Capital Street Intermarkets Limited is fully licensed and regulated by the FSC Mauritius, as a Full Services Investment Dealer (excluding underwriting), under the licence number C112010690.